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 Hello All!!!!!

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PostSubject: Hello All!!!!!   Thu Nov 17, 2011 12:10 am

Just thought it was about time that i did a wee intro about myself as well before i get shouted at Razz Laughing

I have been keeping fish for ummmmm let me see about 23 years on and off and probably like most on here i started off with a little tank which somehow grew and multiplied. It was a little corner tank which i do proudly still have Smile even though its in the garage at the minute needing a new lid.....

I have probably kept most species of tropicals at one time or another - changing setups along the way and got into the whole breeding aspect for a while too. I would have bred angels mainly, gouramis, bettas and the like - anything that took a little bit of learning how to and my involvement to have successful breeding really. Its probably still my most favourite part of the hobby tbh Very Happy

I currently have as 'my tank' a Jewel Vision 260 which again i have had for many years and keep some of the more controversial species in the hobby - i'll post a few pics and let you all decide which ones they are Wink

I say this one is 'my tank' as there are currently 22 tanks in the house that magically appeared from somewhere that are full of various Malawi a whole new meaning to the term fishwife i can tell you Razz

Really looking forward to chatting, learning and just generally being nosey about everyone else's setups etc Laughing

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Hello All!!!!!
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