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WELCOME TO TROPICAL FISH NORTHERN IRELAND! We welcome fish keepers from worldwide to join us.

Tropical fish keepers from worldwide are welcome! No matter what Aquarium Fish you have, or the size of your Fish Tank. If you have Malawi Cichlids, American, Tropical, or Marine Fish - Come and have a look around - We want to welcome you to our site!
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 A little bit about Tropical Fish NI

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PostSubject: A little bit about Tropical Fish NI   Sun Nov 27, 2011 9:56 am

A very big warm HELLO to you and thank you for choosing to join us on tropicalfishni! Very Happy

Pull up a chair and get yourself a cuppa - we like everyone to be comfortable here Smile

There's not a lot you need to know before you go and have a look around - we have tried to make it user friendly so hopefully it will be easy enough to navigate.

If you need to, feel free to drop me or any of the other moderators a line, or just post a wee help message, one of us will respond pretty quickly Smile

We all love to introduce ourselves to new members here, so if you want to start off by writing us a wee note in the welcome thread you will soon get other members dropping by for a chat. You can find the welcome introductions thread just below this or just use the link at the end of this post Wink. After that do make yourself at home and have a good look around, hopefully you will see something you'd like to join in and chat about - post away! The only limitations on new members is not being able to post url's for the first week (this helps us stay clear of spamming) but if you are wanting to add a site to resources etc any of the mods can do that for you if you let them know!

Other than that we have no rules here really, we will remove any inappropriate posting but we haven't had to so far Smile We are a friendly and family orientated forum so please remember that when posting and you won't go wrong!

We hope you enjoy the forum and drop by often!

Now off to the intro section with ya and let us all say hello!

The Admin and Mod Team Wink

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A little bit about Tropical Fish NI
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