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 what kind of fishkeeper are you ???

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PostSubject: what kind of fishkeeper are you ???   Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:28 pm

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PostSubject: Re: what kind of fishkeeper are you ???   Fri Dec 09, 2011 12:19 am

hahahahaha great article Smile

I would say i would be closest to:

Full circle fishkeeper (Aquarist nirvana)
A variant of an old pro [good], but attainable much earlier in the fishkeeping hobby. A full circle aquarist has done a little of everything and come out the other side wiser and more aware for the experience.

To you, a novelty fish is just that – a novelty. You’re aware of your limitations, and you’ve now had a play with enough species to form an opinion on a large chunk of the hobby.

But you’ve found total peace with yourself. No longer do you strive for gigantic puffers, or fang-toothed predators. Garish colours tire you out, and fish that spend 99% of their lives hiding are fascinating, but not worth staying up for all night for a chance glimpse.

Chances are that you’ve reverted to a simple way of fishkeeping. You’ve trimmed off the fat and although you have a more than adequate set up for your fish, there’s nothing ostentatious or unnecessary on your aquarium. It’s likely that by now you’ve got a beautiful shoal of Cardinals and maybe a couple of Angelfish, and very little else.

Though i don't have the shoal of Cardinals Razz and i do have a bit more variety! Smile
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what kind of fishkeeper are you ???
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