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 Aquarium Services

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cormac wilson

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PostSubject: Aquarium Services   Fri Jun 22, 2012 12:09 am

I am new to the forum and would like to introduce you to my new business service for Aquarium owners in Northern Ireland. I run Aqualife Aquarium Services based in Hilltown and would be only too glad to provide a service to any members who may be interested. I can be contacted at or by phone on 07936998414.

We provide a complete Aquarium maintenance service for homes and business premises.

You have spent a lot of money to aquire and stock your aquarium but it takes time and effort to ensure that both the aquarium and your fish are properly maintained to provide a happy and healthy environment.

At Aqualife Aquarium Services we can help you ensure that your Aquarium is an attractive feature of your home or office.

Our Service includes:-

* Water Treatment
* Water Change
* Filter Cleaning
* Gravel Cleaning
* Water Testing
* Algae Removal
* Glass Cleaning

Maintenance Options Include:-

* Weekly
* Fortnightly
* Monthly
* As Required

Our Prices start From £30 per visit.
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Aquarium Services
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